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Keithen Carter is a visual artist, painter, vocalist, songwriter and so much more. Art is Keithen's religion. As God creates, so does he. His art is a reflection of his inner self. He sees the world, the Universe, as a part of him; and himself a part of all. "Like a star, whose light may take 1000 years to reach us, the art we artists create will also shine for years to come." Being born an African-American in this time and space, the ability to express is a great thing to Keithen. As the magic of his history, his culture, runs through his veins, he can simultaneously taste the past, and hunger for the future. "I am here to learn, and I do every day. I grow, I evolve." For Keithen, painting is a part of this growth process. According to Keithen: "They say there are two things we leave on this earth: our Art and our children. So I guess you can say that art is the child that lives in me."

Keithen has worked as a session musician and songwriter with Madonna, Peter Cetera and other internationally known musicians. His work as a painter reflects his personna, his cultural background, his being. He works from his studio in the Bucktown area of Chicago.

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3 Faces - The Twins
The Gathering
Ethel's Dream
4 Sisters
The Village
Fertility Rite
Roy Sampson
3 Brothers

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